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Chicago Family Law Lawyer

Highland Park IL Family Law Lawyer Arnold Goldstein

Arnold Goldstein

Goldstein Law Offices
600 Central Avenue Suite 385
Highland Park, IL 60035

Phone: (847) 926-0600
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The Goldstein Law Offices in Highland Park, Illinois, provides aggressive and focused divorce and family law representation. While some Chicago family law attorneys might stress collaboration in divorce proceedings, attorney Arnold Goldstein believes in strong advocacy. In his more than forty years of practice, he has seen every fad and style of legal practice, and he knows that there is only one way to assert his client's interests with informed and forceful conviction.

At the Goldstein Law Offices, our clients come first. An attorney's job is to fight for the client's goals, and ensure that the client's interests are protected. It is a duty Arnold Goldstein takes seriously. He will not compromise his client's interests to "play ball" with opposing counsel. The only friendship that matters is the one with his client.

The Goldstein Law Offices can handle all family law matters, but is focused on zealous divorce representation. Attorney Arnold Goldstein has represented thousands of clients in their divorces, and can tackle complex financial issues. Because of his financial background, he is adept at ferreting out hidden assets from off-shore accounts and dividing complicated marital estates.

The Chicago family law attorney at the Goldstein Law Offices provides aggressive and focused representation throughout the life cycle of a marriage, including:


Premarriage Issues

Spousal Support and Maintenance

Children's Issues--Custody and Visitation

Marriage Issues


Children's Issues--Economic

Post-Marriage Issues

Attorney's Fees

Arnold Goldstein Highland Park, Illinois, Family Law Attorney

Chicago family law attorney Arnold Goldstein believes in strong advocacy for his client's best interest. He is unyielding at the negotiation table and intimidating in the courtroom. And when you are his client, only you are his friend.

The Goldstein Law Offices offers effective representation in the following areas of practice:

Divorce in General: The Goldstein Law Offices represents individuals in all aspects of a divorce, from the divorce petition to post-decree modifications. Arnold Goldstein will fight for your interests in the conference room and the courtroom.

Marital Issues: Arnold Goldstein offers legal services throughout the life cycle of a marriage, including pre-marital property issues and prenuptial (antenuptial) agreements, marital property issues, and post-marriage property concerns.

Children's Issues: The Goldstein Law Offices will aggressively represent you in your child custody and child support (economic) disputes. Arnold Goldstein will make every effort to ensure your child gets more than the state minimum guideline for child support.

Other Family Law Issues: Spousal support and maintenance can be a contentious issue; you need a strong advocate like Arnold Goldstein. The Goldstein Law Offices also handles paternity-related matters.

Attorneys' Fees : Illinois law does not allow one side to outspend the other in a divorce. Each case is different, and it is important to discuss the issue of a retainer with the lawyer for strategic reasons.

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